Clever Medkit – An intelligent First Aid kit


Products are talking or giving signs to us, but why? That’s because we want to have devices that are smarter, easier and more practical.

In a world where everybody is busy, we sometimes forget, to re-stock things for example, and that’s why the technical term the ‘Internet Of Things’ is growing so fast.

As consumer you have a lot of power. By pressing one button on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you have access to a complete new world. You don’t have to worry anymore, because the technology nowadays makes it so easy for us. Contemporary everything connects with the Internet, and it looks like the Internet is the new caring. We share and get the information and services through Internet and get care in return. The word ‘Inline’ is a result of this and is getting more popular and important in our lives.

A good example of the technical term ‘Internet Of Things’ is the intelligent Clever Medkit.

What is it?

The Clever Medkit is a smart First Aid kit that makes suggestions for you and knows what is missing. It reminds you when it needs to be restocked. It also tells you how to use its supplies in case of an injury or any other medical emergency. The Clever Medkit is equipped with a series of buttons and LED lighting.

Clever Medkit gives you the information and lights up when you want to know what particular items you have to choose in an emergency. But it also lights up when the Medkit is out of particular items.

It has a built-in camera to see who’s accessing the first-aid kit, to help discourage people from wasting or stealing supplies. The kit connects to the Internet, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. You easily can check its stock from afar and order supplies to re-stock it.

Why is it cool?

The Clever Medkit is cool, because it gives us the information you want and makes it easier for us to re-stock it anytime, anywhere you want. It continuously monitors inventory levels and tracks use, helping you to protect you and promote safety and health in your environment. With the Clever Medkit your First Aid kit is no longer annoying and messy. This is why it will improve the quality of life of people that use the Clever Medkit. With this product you really see the technical term ‘Internet of Things’ is growing fast. Internet of Things is becoming more important and that’s why it has future growth potential and why it’s new and innovative.


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