Drink Up!


Everybody needs it… water! Our body consists of about 50 to 75 percent of water. Water is an amazing thing. Yet it’s the unsung hero of beverages. But the big question is, do we drink enough to keep our body hydrated?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to stay hydrated. Every body knows that you have to drink a minimum of 2 liters water a day. Hydration of your body is necessarily for your health and for energy for your daily routines. Water helps to power the moments in your life. But in most cases we actually don’t think about what we drink daily. One of the most important reasons is because we are so busy with everything.

Now ‘The Drink Up Campaign’ in America has a magical solution to drink more water more often and stay hydrated. They hired an expert, ‘The Talking Water Fountain’.

What is it?

The Talking Water Fountain for sure makes a sensational experience for those who use this magical fountain. When the unsuspecting drinkers put their lips to the water, something marvelous happens. The Talking Water Fountain looks like a normal water fountain, but it’s designed with a new technology. When your lips touch the water it completes a circuit and triggers a play-recorded audio. Every time you move your lips away from the water, the audio stops immediately.


The Drink Up Fountain is powered by Partnership for a Healthier America, the private sector, PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama, Y&R New York and sister digital marketing/ad agency VML New York to boost healthy hydration.

The fountain certainly helps to attract people to drink enough water and increase a better health and more energy. With the monologue-giving public drinking fountains the Drink Up Campaign also hopes to inspire and surprise a lot of people. The Drink Up Campaign wants to spread the water fast and they have a strong, recognizable and inspirational quote to keep spreading this: ‘Drink up! You are what you drink – and when you drink water, you drink up.’.

A lot of supporters and famous people are promoting the Drink Up Campaign to spread the water, like John Legend for example.

Why is it cool?

If we look for what’s so cool about the Drink Up Water fountain, we look at the following things such as: What makes it new? What makes it innovative? Does it have future growth potential? And how does it improve the quality of life?

The Drinking Water Fountain has it all, to be precise:

Till now people are very positive and surprised about the fountains. The Drink Up Fountain inspires people with the endearing monologues, but also makes them laugh.

We can say, that the rising technical term ‘Gamification’ is becoming more and more important in our lives.

For years some people thought drinking water is boring. Now, with this new high-tech fountain, thanks to Drink up, water is getting its chance in the spotlight.

The Drink Up Fountain may look like a regular fountain, it sure doesn’t sound like one. It employs voice technology to literally spread the word of good health, encouraging people to stay hydrated. This kind of latest health technology is creating a moment of magic and people really find it magical. This is what makes it so cool, because you are not expecting anything magical to happen while you are drinking from this fountain.

Another reason why it’s cool, is because one of the easiest and most important ways to be healthy is in front of you… water! And the Water Fountain keeps you hydrated in a fun way.

People also feel more connected through the use of the monologue-giving public drinking fountains from Drink Up. Many people are curious when they see other people laughing at an talking water fountain and sharing there experiences with the fountain on social media or with there friends or family. And you know what they say… Sharing = Caring. So if people are sharing their experiences with others, they are showing us that they care about their health, but also about sharing the moment with others. And in fact, sharing with a virtual buddy, the Talking Water Fountain.

In a sort of unbalanced world where we are always busy, the Talking Water Fountain gives a moment of pleasure and rest. It makes it easier to make a healthy choice, but also more accessible and more affordable for all kind of people. So when people drink enough water, they experience an overall higher level of health and you can focus better on other things.

This is why it has future growth potential and helps improving the quality of life, because the more busy we are, the more we want to escape from a busy world and want things to laugh and rest such as the Drink Up Water Fountain. The water drinking fountain encourages to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

But also staying hydrated offers a laundry list of other health benefits as well, including helping weight loss and healthy weight maintenance, facilitating muscle recovery after exercise, and nourishing cells in the body that needs repair and growth.









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