Goji Smart Lock – Sends picture alerts to your mobile phone


Nowadays we see a development in connected products that take care of us, this is called ‘Internet of caring things’. Today I want to talk about an example of ‘Internet of Caring Things’. There are a lot of smart connected objects that gives you a better view and control of your possessions. Something clever is created, the ‘Goji Smart Lock’.

What is it?

The Goji Smart Lock is a designed smart lock that can give you complete control over who accesses your home and when. You can manage it with your mobile phone and can check who is at the door. The Goji takes pictures of visitors at your door and sends picture alerts to your phone. All lock activity is recorded and logged by the system and can be reviewed with the Goji mobile app. You can send Goji access to anyone, even for a specific date and time. There are no more worries about getting keys back from guests.


From now on you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world with Goji’s Mobile App. Instead of looking for your keys or smart phone in your pocket or purse, the door unlocks automatically when you approach it. For people who are in a hurry, or don’t have a smart phone, you can easy clip-on an electronic fob that includes traditional key backups. If you encounter any problems, Goji has a 24 hour support center to solve it.


Why is it cool?

It’s a new kind of control and I think that’s what makes the Goji Smart Lock so cool. It helps to ensure a good safety and security in a new way. Another reason, is that you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world and decide who has access to your home. So as we can see, you are connected from wherever you want.

Goji is interesting for all of us. In a world where we are very busy, products like Goji will make it a little bit easier for us. An example is that you’ll never have to dig for keys in your purse or your pocket again.

I think the Goji Smart Lock is a unique product that has a lot of future growth potential as well as helping to improve the quality of life. It makes it easier for you and you don’t have to stress about keys anymore. It’s simple and safe. And I think that the future will come with a lot of products that are connected and take care of you, simply by using your phone like Goji.





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