Toymail – A global walkie-talkie


If you have kids, you want to stay in touch with them when you’re traveling or at work. You can call, Skype or use any another way to stay connected. But now there is a solution to stay connected to the kids you love in a fun way, the ‘Toymail’.

What is it?

Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill are the makers of Toymail and launched the ‘Mailmen’. They wanted to create a technology for kids that doesn’t put them in front of another screen. A Mailmen is a toy that allow friends and family to send voice messages to kids anytime, from anywhere in the world by using their mobile phone. It’s like a global walkie-talkie.


Toymail is a two-way talk. The Mailmen will make specific sounds to let the kid know he/she has a new Toymail message. If the kid wants, he/she can respond right from their toy and it is possible to save the memories forever. You will receive the reply directly on your phone. You can choose if the Mailmen deliver your messages in their own quirky voice or with your voice untouched.


It’s easy to connect Mailmen to your home Wi-Fi network by using the free app. You can use the Mailman to stay connect with anyone you want, to your kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends or neighbors.


Why is it cool?

With the Toymail, the solution to stay connected to loved ones is easy and fun. This might be the coolest toy you have ever seen and could be the next big toy trend.

I think Toymail is cool, because if I see this… I totally want to be a kid again and use this. And if I have children in the future, I would absolutely use this.

When I was a child, my parents were busy with work and traveling. We didn’t had Skype or such things as Toymail to stay connected. Nowadays it’s really easy to stay connected. The great thing about the Mailmen is that you can stay connected in a fun way and save these memories if you want.

In the future things that can make us more connected will be both more practical and fun! There will be a large variety of connected products.

The quality of life people have will increase, the more we are connected with each other.


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