The night of your dreams – Win a memorable night in a KLM airplane


The leisure industry is becoming more and more important in our lives. There’s a lot of competition, especially in the hotel and catering industry. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are already trying to create special experiences for us, but Airbnb and KLM have something really marvelous now. If you’re looking for a truly memorable night away, you can win a night at KLM’s spacious airplane apartment.

What is it?

If you love flying and airplanes, than this might be your ultimate dream. KLM and Airbnb created a special event that will take place at a secured KLM area at Schiphol Airport (The Netherlands) on 28, 29 or 30 November 2014. The prize consists of a night in a KLM airplane at Schiphol Airport that has been remodeled and will not move during the event (stay). The residence is provided by KLM and is a real unique pop-up hotel in a jet liner of the Royal Dutch Airlines.

klm-vliegtuig-op-airbnb klm-airbnb1cklm-636

But the prize also includes an Economy Class return ticket for the winner(s) and their guest(s) to fly to Schiphol from their place of residence. And last but not least, each winner will also receive an Airbnb coupon worth 500 Euro.

The plane crossed the globe 3675 times. The detached airplane comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home. Inside the bright 366m² plane with 116 windows you will find for example a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. It also has Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and a giant cockpit panorama window. And there’s a lot more. Just step inside the sliding front door and make yourself right at home.


The only thing you have to do to win this event, is to participate in this contest by clicking ‘contact host’ on Airbnb. Pick a date and tell Airbnb in a submission in maximum 100 words why and with whom you would like to come. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter or win.

The winners will be chosen on originality and creativity of the submission.  If you win, there are some rules in the plane: 

  • No flying.
  • Don’t use the inflatable emergency slide.
  • Smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on.
  • No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines.
  • Please water our plants and feed our fish.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed.
  • Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane.

The contest started last November 13th until November 20th 2014 at 12:00pm.

It’s not the first time Airbnb is coming up with a special pop-up hotel, they have already transformed a shop from Ikea in Australia as a place to sleep as well as the French Château Chenonceau. Airbnb is the world’s largest provider of private accommodations and by this promotion they want to show their unique travel experiences in over 800.000 facilities worldwide.

Why is it cool?

Winning a night in KLM’s spacious airplane apartment is really cool and something I definitely would love to experience myself. I might send a submission to Airbnb!

It’s new and innovative, because when do you get a chance to have a complete airplane all for yourself?

You don’t have to pay money, but even if you would have to I’m sure there are lots of people who want to stay a night at the pop-up hotel in the jet liner. It’s a good example of the Experience Economy we live in. You pay for the experience and you get memories in return.

Besides you can experience the identity of KLM. But it also has a parallel with the subject living room society, because you can make yourself comfortable and at home. In fact it will truly be your home away from home.

I think it’s very creative that Airbnb and KLM came up with this smashing idea. It’s smart, because they are not only getting attention for themselves. They also offer customers a nice time, hospitality and a look into their companies.

For now it doesn’t have real future growth potential, because the spacious airplane apartment is temporary. But you never know what they might come up with.


Offline: Me and my family are loyal KLM travelers. Sometimes I page through the magazine, searching for interesting articles. This time my dad and my boyfriend informed me about this amazing coolhunt.

Online: I searched the Internet for some extra information and pictures about the promotion of Airbnb and KLM.


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