Frietwinkel – A shop that sells sustainable, organic and crafted fries


Authenticity and craft are hot again! Especially in times of crisis we see a need for that. Utrecht now has its own first organic fries shop where pure craft can be found: the ‘Frietwinkel by dapp (bio food)’.

What is it?

After the success of the ‘Frietfiets’ (French fries bike) in 2012, devised by Roderick Heijning and his business partner, the first organic fries shop followed in August 2014 and was opened right in the heart of Utrecht. At the ‘Frietwinkel’ you will find the tastiest organic fries and other biological products.

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Why has the Frietfiets been so successful? First of all because everybody loves fresh fries at all times. Yet they are not easy to find. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Haarlem already worked with the fresh fries concept. Utrecht just couldn’t stay behind. However the founders of the Frietfiets wanted something else than the usual white trailer to sell out their tasty fries. They wanted to offer a total different concept. Their keywords were: sustainable, organic and craft. The result? An original tricycle where fries are cut and fried on the spot. The Frietwinkel, their second fries concept, followed quickly.

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You can find the Frietwinkel in the Vinkenburgstraat 10, between the Neude and Oudegracht.

Why it is cool?

This is a good example of the Experience Economy, because no matter what, the Dutch will always want to pay to get their portion of French fries. Add the fact that the fries are freshly cut in front of you and a tasty innovative experience is born.

The Frietwinkel has future growth potential, because we see the need of fresh organic food, craft, authenticity and sustainability. People are willing to wait for their food, as long as it is fresh and honest. The Frietwinkel has effect on improving the quality of life, because instead of feeling guilty, their customers feel great after having eaten their treat, that is sustainable and organic. Let’s go get some potatoes!


Offline: On 14-11-14, I went to Utrecht to search for some coolhunts. I found this shop by passing the Vinkenburgstraat 10 in Utrecht.

Online: After visiting the Frietwinkel, I looked on the Internet for some extra information about this shop.



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