Carlsberg’s Green Fiber Bottle – Beer bottles of wood


Today I am giving you another example of the growth in fair packaging and products that are environmentally friendly. Creating a better and fair world is paramount. Collaboration and sharing knowledge are the key to empowerment. The ‘Green Fiber Bottle’ project of Carlsberg creates a better world in making.

What is it?

The Green Fiber Bottle is a project and initiative of the Copenhagen-based company Carlsberg in partnership with EcoXpac. Last month Carlsberg announced plans to develop and debute the world’s first fully biodegradable sustainably sourced wood-fiber beverage bottle.

The bottles are strong, from durable material and are 100 percent compliant with the strictest food and beverage regulations.

It’s great that the bottles generate 0 percent waste, because they are 100 percent biodegradable.


Why is it cool?

It inspires me that major brands around the world seem to be working towards packaging optimization with greener methods in mind. This in order to create awareness among consumers, but also to create a better world for all of us.

Not only companies and organizations come up with initiatives, but also consumers see that something must be done. This is because the knowledge about what is happening in the world – such as climate change – is spread all over the world.

This signal is a good example of how we used to handle things in the past and how we are dealing with them today and in the future. Probably not only beer bottles will be made of wood in the future, but also other products will appear on the market. It’s to be expected that – beside wood – products and packaging will consist of materials we wouldn’t think of now.

We might be all ‘clunking’ our beer bottles in the near future instead of ‘clinking’ them!



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