Going vegan?

martin-creed-x-pierre-gagnaire-5We live in an open world, including a lot of anger, distrust and cynicism. This is  because the world has become more transparent. The sharing of knowledge is generally fine, but people not always prefer to know or find out about some things. We tend to be less confident and we’re getting more directionless. As food is concerned, people have many questions. They often don’t know what happens to their food. They want it to be fresh and honest. An interesting shift is in progress. We see that people are increasingly switching to vegetarian products. That’s why I want to talk to you today about the ‘vegetarian lobster’.

What is it?

In many ways people are playing with food. Original products are counterfeited and we see that the vegetarian variant is increasingly coming to market. This is due to preference and sometimes faith, but also because vegetarian people want to eat luxury food. On the other hand people who are not vegetarian would like to eat a refined food dish that doesn’t look like a vegetarian dish. An example of this is the vegetarian lobster.


The vegetarian lobster is a lobster that can almost not be distinguished from the original lobster. People who counterfeit fish or meat products do there very best to make it look like the original product. The only difference is that the product does not contain any extract of fish or meat. In terms of smell, color, taste and texture, it’s almost the same. People can now decide whether to go for the authentic fish or meat variant or the vegetarian one.

In the following web link you can find a documentary from ‘De Wilde Keuken’ with Wouter Klootwijk, that tells you more about the vegetarian lobster (see 10:17 – 13:11)


Why is it cool?

For many people it’s a great thing to have a choice what to eat. Whether it is a fish or meat product or a counterfeit vegetarian product. It doesn’t matter anymore, because the new product is almost the same like the original one.

Vegetarian food has become a certain luxury and this will increase in the future. Besides, it’s more normal and accepted to eat a vegetarian product. Its taste, color, smell and texture are getting better and better, while more and more often the vegetarian version is replacing the original fish and meat products.

What will happen with original fish and meat products? Will they be replaced and disappear some day?

One thing is for sure: The vegetarian is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. Why? We know what happens to products and we are able to make a choice to do things in our way.

What about you? Are you going vegan?




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