The Other Side of Fear is Freedom


Androgyny, an interesting movement. It may have some extreme examples, but is growing quickly. The youth is caring less whether they’re a boy or girl. It’s a bit of a mix of both. Men and women are getting closer together. Micky Hoogendijk, made a exhibition ‘The Other Side of Fear is Freedom’, where we can see an androgyny picture ‘The Bride’.

What is it?

Micky Hoogendijk is a Dutch woman who already did a lot. She was an actress and a model. Now she makes photographs by using recurring themes like religion, society and mythology. Each work is intensely personal and takes both herself and her subject on a journey that provokes fundamental questions about life and our existence.


Special is that Hoogendijk takes the beholder on a journey into her universe: a dynamic and inspiring realm where visual arts, technology and theater melt together into photography.

Hoogendijkʼs work is known for its sharp iconic images that will certainly touch your soul. With her camera she tries to enchant the picture with lighting. Her images often contain religious and mythical themes as well as daily scenes. At the core of her work lies a quest for the majesty of vulnerability, an image without embellishment that captures the powerful essence of naked emotion.

Eduard Planting Gallery is presenting the exhibition ‘The Other Side of Fear is Freedom’ from Hoogendijk. This exhibition can be seen from the 10th of January till the 7th of March 2015. In ‘The Bride’ you can see a boy that she uses often as androgyn model. She wants to show us that sexes are getting closer and that it doesn’t matter anymore how you look like.


Why is it cool?

Androgyny may have some extreme examples, but it’s growing quickly. There are a lot of cool and inspiring examples, like Andrej Pejić who became multi-usable as model. Among others, he showed that Hema’s Mega Push Up BH could create a female form on a male body. Or think about Saskia de Brouw, whom is the first female model presenting the new male fashion line of Saint Laurent.


By the influence of individualism, androgyny had a chance to grow. People this time, dare to be different than others. The youth is becoming more transparent and shows us without doubt how they live and what they stand for.

For the future we can say that androgyny is not only about beauty, but also about roles. Are things getting more gender neutral? What would be the consequences for stereotypes and beauty? These may be questions we’re dealing with in the future. Especially, since we can see androgyny happen around us more often.


I found an article from ‘The Bride’ in the LXRY 01-02-2015. After that, I visited her page:

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