United Nude – A highlighted dark-shop concept


Brands can be experienced to the core. Flagship stores give us a good insight of the brand’s identity. It’s more than just selling products. If you’re in for a memorable experience make sure to visit the flagship store United Nude in Amsterdam.

What is it?

United Nude is a brand founded on conceptual design, clarity, elegance and innovation.It has a wide variety of shoes, from injection molded shoes to high-end carbon fiber heels.

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It all started with the broken heart of Rem D. Koolhaas (Creative Director and Co-founder of United Nude). Rem’s effort to get back the girl was made by reducing architecture to its smallest and most tender scale, that of a woman’s foot. His romantic inspiration appeared to run out at a reality.


Galahad Clark (Founder and seventh generation shoemaker from Somerset, England) saw the ‘Möbius’ shoe model and he was convinced immediately. Rem and Galahad created United Nude, with their unique talents and shared vision. United Nude launched the Möbius shoe in 2003, which since then has been recognized as a design-classic. United Nude also became the leader in architectural footwear.

about-image 2003-01-concepts-mobius-03

Some of United Nude’s recent highlights are the nine successive Haute Couture shoes with Iris van Herpen, Lady Gaga’s Fame shoes and the Nova Shoe by Zaha Hadid.

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But besides Iris van Herpen and Zaha Hadid, UN has a lot of collaborations, for example: Mattijs, Antoine Peters, K-Swiss, 223, 5PRCITY, Dr. Sky, Calligraffiti and Mashama.

The brand has positioned itself at the intersection of design and fashion and gained international appreciation for the brand’s creative work. United Nude is with its over 10 years of experience in 3D printing, now a regular collaborator with 3D printing market leader 3D Systems. The shoes are sold in over 40 countries. Besides Amsterdam, there are also flagship stores in London and New York.

The DNA and characteristics of the brand’s products are distinct in the interior design of the flagship store in Amsterdam. The store has a dark-shop concept. It’s completely dark in all areas other than those where the products are showcased and literally highlighted.

IMG_5947 IMG_5965

The most important and markedly element of the store design is the Wall of Light. This is a computer-controlled LED wall, which displays the United Nude products as a work of art embedded in geometric frames.

The flagship store of Amsterdam is located in the prestigious city center address of Spuistraat 125A.

Why is it cool?


First of all, the story behind United Nude is what makes the concept so strong. Secondly, United Nude works with a lot of great designers, architects and other people, like Iris van Herpen and Zaha Hadid.

But also, United Nude has a perfect balance between concept, style and comfort.The shoes are innovative and rare. You see the newest shapes and materials combined with different techniques in the products. Unique, is that United Nude has designed and developed its own materials. You can think about printed fabrics with geometric designs, but also woven fabrics, quilted fabrics and rivet concepts on top of luxurious leathers. Normally, the shoes are more casual, but always with an architectural twist. That’s what makes it so special.

United Nude for sure has future growth potential, because with every passing season it successfully found its way to become a part of daily life. From catwalk to your feet, the shoes of United Nude have style and comfort. Strangers on the street will comment on the innovative and geometrically strong designs.

If we take a look at how United Nude can improve the quality of life, we see some important elements. The comfort part will help increase the physical wellbeing. Your emotional wellbeing will increase by respectability, confidence, satisfaction and the mental state that the shoes of United Nude give to you. Also social wellbeing is important, because you spread the word to others how amazing these shoes are and from the other side people can give positive feedback. Last but not least, it will increase your material wellbeing if you buy a pair of shoes. 

Besides the product itself, the experience in the flagship store increases your experience of the brand. The Wall of Light is really spectacular, while standing in a dark shop.

In short, this memorable experience is something you really have to see in your leisure time.


Offline: On 11-11-14, I went to Amsterdam for this coolhunt and visited the Spuistraat 125A.

Online: After visiting the flagship store in Amsterdam. I looked on the internet for some extra information about United Nude.