Scanadu Scout – A doctor in your pocket


Nowadays, we are all part of the technical term empowered patient. We want to have 24/7 care and want to be informed about everything before visiting a medical professional. We are getting more aware and see the importance of our health. But we also want to know things faster, easier and better.

With the non-stop renewing technology we are able to get a better vision of our health, but we also want to improve this. We want to measure our health constantly; this is called the ‘Quantified Self’.

As we see, DIY Diagnoses are getting more popular. These are simple to use technologies that offer a good enough level of diagnoses about symptoms, helping people determine if they need to seek further medical care.

Something unique is developed that contributes to the future of health… it’s your doctor’s new best friend, called the Scanadu Scout.

What is it?

The Scanadu Scout is a scanner designed by Yves Behar, packed with sensors which enables anyone to capture important physiological data in a snap, by using your smartphone and Bluetooth. It measures and tracks your health in an easy way, as easily as checking your email. With the Scanadu you see symptoms before they arrive. You can easily check your skin and core body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxymetry, respiratory rate, ECG and your emotional stress level and in the future probably even more, now you know yourself even better. While connected from home, you can share information with doctors or others if you want to. 

The only thing you have to do is simply place the Scanadu to the forehead for ten seconds. In a snap your stats will be displayed on your smartphone.

Why is it cool?

The Scanadu Scout provides a new and connected experience. It’s so simple to provide valuable data about your body with the Scanadu, just by placing it on your forehead. Words from the Designer Yves Behar: ‘’The simplification of healthcare starts with a simple object.’’ And this is exactly what makes it so cool, because of the simple and practical part of the Scanadu.

Another reason is that the Scanadu reflects the future of health, because nowadays we want to be more informed. And the Scanadu helps us with that. It’s innovative and has future growth potential because the concept of Scanadu is really strong. They have paid attention to the future, a future where you can imagine and know yourself best. From now on, the information of our body is not locked away inside the walls of a hospital, but is in our hands where it belongs. With the Scanadu you have an emergency room in your pocket and you can share countless personal details with relevant people. Take health conversations and discoveries to a new level. You can easily see the different aspects such as different locations, activities and foods that affects your body by using the Scanadu. Now you can discover connections, watch trends, catch changes early and track them. The Scanadu makes us understanding our body better and more personalized advice can be given and received. This enables us to handle our health better and helps with improving the quality of life.

With the Scanadu, we are the last generation to know so little about our health. Imagine all the other possibilities with the Scanadu Scout in the future. 


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