Kinky Food Spoofs – 50 Shades of Food brings the bedroom into the kitchen

271358_1_800It seems like we are always looking for a certain freedom. Freedom where issues can be discussed openly. In our mind, we have the playing field between privacy and freedom. But it seems that we go to a radical/total transparency. Transparency is the new green. Is this where we’re going? And can and do we want this? It is the end of secrets. We treat each other differently, this is especially evident in products/photography such as ’50 Shades of Food’.

What is it?

In the series of 50 Shades of Food, we can see edible food items that are decorated to spoof the Fifty Shades of Grey film and novels. Kinky activities and pleasure toys have become the epitome of table talk.

Bryan Regan, who has made this series, shows images of bananas, bottles of honey, oranges and even raw chickens undergoing conventional S&M role-plays. Sex and humor are combined.


271358_2_800The series of Regan are quite hilarious. Bet you never thought you’d see a bottle of honey tied up to a chair or a nipple clamp attached to an orange, did you? For sure this series takes things to a whole other level.

Why is it cool?

It’s cool and inspiring, because what was once unthinkable to even mention, is now a casual dinnertime conversation (in most of the cases). Nothing’s too crazy.

Maybe the series of 50 Shades of Food are a little bit erotic, but it’s a good reflection of how open the society is getting. Sex and humor are getting more connected to each other and it’s very normal to talk about stuff like this where and whenever you want. The playing field between privacy and freedom is becoming less significant. Perhaps this is the reason why we’re going to a radical/total transparency. Not only because how we behave but also how and about what we talk to each other. We can discuss openly about anything we want, without any embarrassment.

Films and books like Fifty Shades of Grey increases the way we talk and are inspired about sex and makes this subject more open for us. I think that there will be more different signals that will open the mainstream public to talk more open and share things with each other about anything.

Taboos will always be part of our lives. But the more open we get and can talk about anything we want, the easier for us to conquerable this in the future.