Turn to The Future: A 360-Degree Rotating Apartment Building


Urbanization has become a big trend in the world. Many cities are bursting out or are about to. Instead of access to good education or medical care, the biggest class conflict for coming generations will be who has the best view.

Turn+To+THe+Future-1Turn+To+THe+Future-2Buildings will become higher and more people who live in the lower floors of buildings will get their view blocked.

In the future, people with very high incomes will own the top floors and people with middle to lower income will only have an imperfect view from their living spaces.

A durable solution for this problem could be the ‘Turn to The Future’.

What is it?

27ef868543abf9c4e16439c1aeb8f0bdTurn to The Future is a spiral rotating building concept of the future developed by industrial designer Shin Kuo at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University that should provide citizens sustainability. Besides, it literally gives new perspective to the urban architecture in the future and gives a chance to connect with the environment.

How does it work? The Turn to The Future includes a system that allows each unit to rotate on a spiral track at predetermined times. Due to this, all the apartments in the building are equivalent.




Because of the design, each resident can share a 360-degree view of the city from their building. This makes them enjoy the high quality of their living spaces.

Kuo plans to realize this building by applying 3D printing to build the units, featuring a combination of aluminum, steel, smart glass and solar panels. But he also utilizes lighter materials into the framework such as carbon fiber, bendable concrete and artificial bone.

Why is it cool?

For now, the concept of Kuo is no more than an idea. But wouldn’t it be amazing to see and use a rotating tower like this?

I think this idea would be fantastic, because the Turn to The Future gives people a chance to enjoy the high quality of living spaces and share the equal view of their city and landscape.

Furthermore, this concept will change the way that citizens interact with their environment. Turn to The Future will foster new awareness of the ground, sky, light, gravity and shadow and offers a new lifestyle. It’s an innovative project that will change the definition of the history of building.

Also, the idea of the Turn to The Future contains a fair system and responds to the need for more equality and sharing, rather than more or better. Particularly the individualization has promoted this.

Finally, people like to get astonished. That’s why this signal suits well to the Experience Economy.

In the future, signals like the Turn to The Future make the desire to live together in a new and better way come true.








The streets like a big playground: A cluster of different playful signals

Quebec-3In a world where cities grow of population, people meet the most in the urban place. Because of the population growth, places on the street generally are becoming more anonymous, impersonal and more functional.

Mankind is questioning about the everyday life, analyzing the circumstances and want to find a playful solution to improve the awareness of life. People want to reinvent the urban place by bringing back fun and personality. Together we invent the urban place more towards a play society.

Signals as ‘ActiWait (StreetPong)’, ‘Dreamy Playground’, ‘Waterfall Swing’ and ‘Rainworks’, connect well with this. These trends are closing well with the trends Collaboration, Experience Economy and Gamification. 

What is it?


Firstly, I want to talk about the ActiWait (StreetPong). This is a concept by Sandro Engel and Amelie Künzler of URBAN INVENTION.


                              (Sandro Engel & Amelie Künzler)

This is a pedestrian light (touch screen) that lets you play with a wireless connection against someone on the other side of the road. A video showing this idea traveled around the world surprising millions of people, because it offers pedestrians the possibility to convert boring waiting times into positive experiences. Perhaps it also creates more safety.

The ActiWait creates urban interaction and design and art are interwoven in public spaces. After two years of development, the prototype was installed and tested at a traffic light for the very first time. It was a great success for URBAN INVENTION and now they’re working on a product that is internationally marketable. Besides they hope to change the image of cities all over the world.

Quebec-2The second signal is the Dreamy Playground designed by studio Les Astronautes. The designers turned a dark, narrow alley into a dreamy playground in Quebec City. The only thing the designers used are pink and orange colored swimming pool noodles on both walls of the alleyway. The place gets a whole new identity and experience.

According to the designers, the combination of anonymity and narrowness of this specific place inspired them to come up with this idea.


The intervention was part of Quebec’s public art festival Les Passages Insolites, which aims to reshape our thinking of neighborhoods by questioning our relation with public space.

In challenging visuals that also create an interaction with users, the known surrounding becomes new and adventurous.

Eröffnung Höhenrausch 2014 - Bewegte Räume

Thirdly, the Waterfall Swing is an amazing signal. It’s an interactive art piece and a collaborative project between Mike O’Toole, Andrew Ratcliff, Ian Charnas and Andrew Witte. The Waterfall Swing is built by Dash 7 Design. The swing creates a water plane falling in the path of its riders. The swing is the first in a series that play with interaction in rides and installations.

paul_sobota_swing_seat_hi-res  paul_sobota_j_drew_ian_2_hi-res

Riders pass through the openings of the swing’s waterfall. The swing is created by precise monitoring the path of the riders via axel-housed encoders, creating the thrill of narrow escaping obstacles.

For now, the Waterfall Swing has traveled the world with installations across the United States and in The Netherlands.

Finally, I would like to talk about the Rainworks that are made in Seattle by Peregrine Church (right), who is often helped by co-conspirators Xack Fischer (middle) and Forest Tresidder (left).


Rainworks  proud-to-be-rainy-2-cropped

Church makes rain-activated positive messages, games and art on the streets, by spraying a water-repellant coating onto sidewalks through a stencil. The art only appears when it gets wet (the regular concrete turns darker while the concrete he sprayed the coating on stays dry), and it’s hidden when dry. This kind of street art is meant to brighten your day, even when it’s gray and rainy.

Why is it cool?

Some of the signals are a good example of the redesign of places. Companies and organizations are increasingly creating special activities at special places, where you do not initially expect to encounter this. Indeed, it’s a clever use of the land/space and it creates spontaneous interactions. This is why it inspires me, but I think probably also other citizens, organizations and companies. Besides I especially like the idea of Rainworks, because this would work well in the Netherlands with all the rain we have over here.

You can see the needs for Collaboration, Gamification and the Experience Economy, because of the growing anonymity, impersonality and modern technology. Individualization and the advent of the Internet have accelerated this. In the future these needs will only increase, because lots of people are looking for new places for their activities, fun and personality in the urban place.

By creating concepts and ideas like this, a city has a lot to offer to citizens. Citizens will get happier and the city is becoming more livable and durable.

People have fun and laugh more, but they also move more with some of these signals. This is good for the emotional-, physical- and social wellbeing.

Be smart and use or create something fun on the streets and you will feel happy!

















Coolhunts Experience Economy versus Quality of Life

We zien de Leisure industrie steeds belangrijker worden. Maar op welke vlakken draagt het bij aan de kwaliteit van leven? Hieronder zullen kort de coolhunts van de Experience Economy afgezet worden tegen het Quality of Life model van Felce & Perry. Het model kent 5 waarden: emotionele wellbeing, fysieke wellbeing, materiële wellbeing, sociale wellbeing en ontwikkeling en activiteiten. Deze waarden hebben ieder invloed op de kwaliteit van leven.


Per signaal zal er gekeken worden bij welke waarde het past. Soms kan het zijn dat een signaal onder meerdere waarden past en het dus een goede betrekking heeft met de QOL.

De Frietwinkel

Frietwinkel5 10623963_810071785693359_7125941498751622609_o

Als we kijken naar de Frietwinkel, dan zien we dat dit signaal raakvlakken heeft met emotionele wellbeing, fysieke wellbeing, materiële wellbeing en ontwikkeling en activiteiten. Het maakt niet uit of het crisis is of niet, iedereen heeft wel eens zin in een patatje. Mensen hoeven zich niet schuldig te voelen als ze een patatje bij de Frietwinkel kopen, omdat het inspeelt op authenticiteit, duurzaamheid, ambacht en het is biologisch en vers. Dit zorgt voor een betere stemming, tevredenheid en voldoening, oftewel hoe jij je op dat moment voelde kan verbeterd worden door het eten van een vers frietje bij de Frietwinkel. De Frietwinkel zal zo op meerdere fronten van emotionele wellbeing zorgen voor een bijdrage aan de quality of life.  

Zo zal een frietje van de Frietwinkel waarschijnlijk voor een betere gezondheid zorgen dan bij een gewone snackbar. Dit omdat het biologisch en vers is. Het wordt recht voor je neus klaargemaakt en dat proef je. Hierbij draagt het bij aan je fysieke wellbeing.

Met het eten van een frietje die je gehaald hebt bij de Frietwinkel, laat jij zien dat je om authenticiteit en duurzaamheid geeft. Je zal net iets meer uitgeven aan een frietje bij de Frietwinkel dan bij een andere toko. Voor mensen die hier een frietje zullen kopen, maakt de prijs niet zoveel uit. Het gaat ze veel meer om de kwaliteit van het eten, daarom zal dit een bijdrage leveren aan je materiële wellbeing en dus aan de kwaliteit van leven.

Het is een keuze om juist een biologisch frietje te halen bij de Frietwinkel in plaats van bij een normale friettent. Jij hebt zelf controle waar jij jou eten haalt. Een beter en gezonder frietje zal bijdrage aan de waarde ontwikkeling en activiteiten en dus aan een betere kwaliteit van leven.

The Darling

IMG_5981 IMG_5984 

The Darling heeft raakvlakken met emotionele wellbeing, sociale wellbeing en fysieke wellbeing.

We zien dat ervaringen met je vrienden belangrijker worden. Ervaringen staan dichterbij je en zijn minder commercieel. Het gaat niet meer om haasten maar rusten. Winkels worden kleiner en huiselijker, maar ook intiemer en je bent meer verbonden met elkaar. Er zijn cozy spots, hoekjes gecreëerd waar je lekker kunt zitten en kunt genieten van een taartje of thee. Het gaat om zoveel meer dan alleen verkoop. Het gaat nu meer om samen zijn en dingen met elkaar doen in een winkel, zoals workshops, samen sieraden maken of cakejes versieren. Niets is te gek. Dit valt onder de waarde sociale wellbeing. Je bent veel meer sociaal betrokken en relaties worden hierdoor verbeterd.

In zulk soort winkels kun je echt nadenken over de kleine dingetjes in het leven en dit helpt mee in het verbeteren van de kwaliteit van leven. Dit door stil te staan bij dingen, waarbij je vaak niet stil staat. Hierbij zie je dus echt de emotionele wellbeing goed terugkomen.

De fysieke wellbeing zien we terug, omdat we nu nog fysiek aan het winkelen zijn. Winkels zullen steeds meer verdwijnen door het internet. We leven in een wereld waarin we heel erg druk zijn met van alles, waar we zien dat we behoefte hebben aan een moment van rust en plezier. We willen dus echt nog naar winkeltjes gaan waar authenticiteit en ambacht te zien is.

Pop-up hotel KLM vliegtuig

 klm-image-1-e1415903174522 klm-vliegtuig-op-airbnb

Een overnachting in een pop-up hotel in een vliegtuig van de KLM heeft raakvlakken met emotionele wellbeing en sociale wellbeing.

Een nachtje slapen in een vliegtuig helemaal voor jou alleen is uniek en bijna niemand kan zeggen dat hij/zij dat gedaan heeft. Het is dan ook wel een memorabele ervaring. Zo’n overnachting geeft je voldoening en tevredenheid en heeft dus invloed op je emotionele wellbeing. Maar ook omdat je de identiteit van KLM en airbnb zo leert kennen krijg je vertrouwen en respect voor deze bedrijven. Deze ervaring zul jij meenemen in de volgende keer dat jij bij KLM of via airbnb iets boekt.

Verder draagt het bij aan je herinneringen. Je deelt deze memorable ervaring samen met iemand of je gezin. Het is er knus en gezellig. Dit zorgt voor een verhoging van je sociale wellbeing en dus aan je kwaliteit van leven.


shapeimage_2 IMG_6160

De speciale MCHL design store heeft raakvlakken met emotionele wellbeing en materiële wellbeing.

Er is een enorme hang naar authenticiteit en de producten van MCHL weergeven dit. Je ziet dat de ervaring en het verhaal achter het product belangrijker wordt, zoals de E 5.55. Je voelt je erg betrokken met de producten. Doordat het betaalbaar, uniek, een verhaal heeft, innovatief en duurzaam is, vergroot het je emotionele wellbeing.

3d printen maakt steeds meer deel uit van ons dagelijks leven. Bij MCHL komen design, productie en verkoop samen. De producten van MCHL zijn uniek. Het zijn one-of-a-kind producten. En het is mooi om dit als je bezit te hebben en hiermee je materiële wellbeing te vergroten.

United Nude


Bij United Nude is er vooral sprake van emotionele wellbeing, fysieke wellbeing, materiële wellbeing en sociale wellbeing.

We spreken bij dit signaal over emotionele wellbeing, omdat het gaan naar de donkere Flagshipstore een bijdrage geeft aan de stemming. De Wall of Light geeft je een bijzondere ervaring en je bent blij als je deze winkel hebt bezocht. Veder kun je de merk identiteit goed zien van United Nude.

De fysieke wellbeing wordt vergroot door de balans tussen concept, stijl en comfort. Je mobiliteit wordt verhoogd als je schoenen van United Nude draagt.

Als we kijken naar de materiële wellbeing, dan is dit zeker belangrijk. Dit omdat de schoenen innovatief en zeldzaam zijn. De schoenen zijn een kostbaar bezit en is niet even iets wat je snel zult kopen.

Op het gebied van sociale wellbeing zie je dat mensen graag doorvertellen van hoe geweldig deze schoenen zijn en aan de andere kant positieve feedback krijgen.


Als we terugkijken naar de signalen, dan zien we dat er in ieder signaal wel sprake is van emotionele wellbeing. Dit is ook best logisch, omdat wij coolhunts moesten zoeken rondom de Experience Economy. Ervaringen zijn vaak gelinkt aan emoties en andersom. Hoe een ervaring uitpakt zal bepalen of jij er een fijne stemming bij hebt, respect krijgt voor het bedrijf of merk, eigenwaarde omhoog gaat, vertrouwen en voldoening krijgt. Dit heeft allemaal met je emotionele wellbeing te maken. Wat opviel is dat authenticiteit hier een grote rol in speelt.

Verder zien we dat sociale wellbeing erg belangrijk voor ons is, maar de materiële wellbeing ook nog steeds. Wel moet er een goed verhaal achter de producten zitten en echt een toevoeging geven als bezit. Mensen willen one-of-a kind producten bezitten met een bijzonder verhaal erachter.

Wat opvalt is dat de Frietwinkel en United Nude beide vier raakvlakken hebben met het Quality of Life model van Felce&Perry. Het ene signaal zal een grotere impact hebben op de kwaliteit van leven dan de ander en dit is per persoon natuurlijk verschillend. Zo kan een signaal met minder raakvlakken, alsnog een grotere impact hebben op de quality of life.

Frietwinkel – A shop that sells sustainable, organic and crafted fries


Authenticity and craft are hot again! Especially in times of crisis we see a need for that. Utrecht now has its own first organic fries shop where pure craft can be found: the ‘Frietwinkel by dapp (bio food)’.

What is it?

After the success of the ‘Frietfiets’ (French fries bike) in 2012, devised by Roderick Heijning and his business partner, the first organic fries shop followed in August 2014 and was opened right in the heart of Utrecht. At the ‘Frietwinkel’ you will find the tastiest organic fries and other biological products.

DSC0115-1024x682 1932678_737806119586593_3514284311262403950_o   


Why has the Frietfiets been so successful? First of all because everybody loves fresh fries at all times. Yet they are not easy to find. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Haarlem already worked with the fresh fries concept. Utrecht just couldn’t stay behind. However the founders of the Frietfiets wanted something else than the usual white trailer to sell out their tasty fries. They wanted to offer a total different concept. Their keywords were: sustainable, organic and craft. The result? An original tricycle where fries are cut and fried on the spot. The Frietwinkel, their second fries concept, followed quickly.

10505034_810071789026692_6572492088155259833_o DSC0078

10623963_810071785693359_7125941498751622609_o DSC0084-e1415631516633

You can find the Frietwinkel in the Vinkenburgstraat 10, between the Neude and Oudegracht.

Why it is cool?

This is a good example of the Experience Economy, because no matter what, the Dutch will always want to pay to get their portion of French fries. Add the fact that the fries are freshly cut in front of you and a tasty innovative experience is born.

The Frietwinkel has future growth potential, because we see the need of fresh organic food, craft, authenticity and sustainability. People are willing to wait for their food, as long as it is fresh and honest. The Frietwinkel has effect on improving the quality of life, because instead of feeling guilty, their customers feel great after having eaten their treat, that is sustainable and organic. Let’s go get some potatoes!


Offline: On 14-11-14, I went to Utrecht to search for some coolhunts. I found this shop by passing the Vinkenburgstraat 10 in Utrecht.

Online: After visiting the Frietwinkel, I looked on the Internet for some extra information about this shop.




The Darling – A sugar sweet shopping paradise


Nowadays experiences with friends are more important. They are closer to the heart and less over-marketed. It’s not about rushing but resting. Rather than megastores shops are getting smaller and homely to be intimate with each other. The city becomes our living room where we want to feel at home as well. Feeling home while shopping? Go check out ‘The Darling’ in Amsterdam: a great example of ‘ wonderlust’ and the ‘living room society’.

What is it?

The Darling is a shop where you really don’t know where to start, because it evokes a ‘candy store feeling’. The collection exists of a mix of unique affordable brands, own designs and some vintage stuff. They have clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Apart from that, the store also sells pieces of ‘Things I like Things I love’.

IMG_5983 IMG_5994

It has a candy store feeling, because besides shopping, you can experience a delicious coffee, tea pots and fresh juices with cupcakes and macarons to take away or to sit and relax in the store. The Darling created cozy spots where everyone can cozy up. You can sit outside, or inside on the lower and upper floor.

IMG_5984 IMG_5981

IMG_5991 IMG_5995

The Darling also offers different workshops and events like knitting, customizing clothes, making jewelry, pimping cupcakes, living room theatre and open stage. Bookings can be made through their event book on their webpage. The workshops and events are held at the Cupcake Café in the store. Last but not least, they want to inspire people with their daily blog.

You can find this sugar sweet shopping paradise in one of the Nine Streets in Amsterdam at Runstraat 4.

Why is it cool?

It’s cool, because The Darling is a super homely, intimate and less over-marketed place for those who can appreciate rest over rush. It’s a place where you can think about the small things in life and that helps their customers and visitors to improve quality of life. The Darling certainly plays well to the trends ‘ wonderlust’ and ‘living room society’. No doubt you’ll feel yourself at home!

Another reason, why it’s cool is because of the ‘candy store feeling’. Take a cupcake and enjoy shopping or sit and relax in one of the cozy spots.

For shops to have future growth potential, I think they’ll need to create ‘The Darling’ like concepts. We live in a continuous busy world, where a moment of silence and joy is appreciated. Shops should show us their authenticity and craft. If not, I’m afraid online sales will grow even faster, so we might lose many beautiful and tangible stores. Wouldn’t that be a sin?


Offline: On 11-11-14, I went to Amsterdam for this coolhunt and visited the store at Runstraat 4.

Online: After visiting the store in Amsterdam. I looked on the Internet for some extra information about The Darling.



The night of your dreams – Win a memorable night in a KLM airplane


The leisure industry is becoming more and more important in our lives. There’s a lot of competition, especially in the hotel and catering industry. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are already trying to create special experiences for us, but Airbnb and KLM have something really marvelous now. If you’re looking for a truly memorable night away, you can win a night at KLM’s spacious airplane apartment.

What is it?

If you love flying and airplanes, than this might be your ultimate dream. KLM and Airbnb created a special event that will take place at a secured KLM area at Schiphol Airport (The Netherlands) on 28, 29 or 30 November 2014. The prize consists of a night in a KLM airplane at Schiphol Airport that has been remodeled and will not move during the event (stay). The residence is provided by KLM and is a real unique pop-up hotel in a jet liner of the Royal Dutch Airlines.

klm-vliegtuig-op-airbnb klm-airbnb1cklm-636

But the prize also includes an Economy Class return ticket for the winner(s) and their guest(s) to fly to Schiphol from their place of residence. And last but not least, each winner will also receive an Airbnb coupon worth 500 Euro.

The plane crossed the globe 3675 times. The detached airplane comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home. Inside the bright 366m² plane with 116 windows you will find for example a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. It also has Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and a giant cockpit panorama window. And there’s a lot more. Just step inside the sliding front door and make yourself right at home.


The only thing you have to do to win this event, is to participate in this contest by clicking ‘contact host’ on Airbnb. Pick a date and tell Airbnb in a submission in maximum 100 words why and with whom you would like to come. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter or win.

The winners will be chosen on originality and creativity of the submission.  If you win, there are some rules in the plane: 

  • No flying.
  • Don’t use the inflatable emergency slide.
  • Smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on.
  • No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines.
  • Please water our plants and feed our fish.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed.
  • Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane.

The contest started last November 13th until November 20th 2014 at 12:00pm.

It’s not the first time Airbnb is coming up with a special pop-up hotel, they have already transformed a shop from Ikea in Australia as a place to sleep as well as the French Château Chenonceau. Airbnb is the world’s largest provider of private accommodations and by this promotion they want to show their unique travel experiences in over 800.000 facilities worldwide.

Why is it cool?

Winning a night in KLM’s spacious airplane apartment is really cool and something I definitely would love to experience myself. I might send a submission to Airbnb!

It’s new and innovative, because when do you get a chance to have a complete airplane all for yourself?

You don’t have to pay money, but even if you would have to I’m sure there are lots of people who want to stay a night at the pop-up hotel in the jet liner. It’s a good example of the Experience Economy we live in. You pay for the experience and you get memories in return.

Besides you can experience the identity of KLM. But it also has a parallel with the subject living room society, because you can make yourself comfortable and at home. In fact it will truly be your home away from home.

I think it’s very creative that Airbnb and KLM came up with this smashing idea. It’s smart, because they are not only getting attention for themselves. They also offer customers a nice time, hospitality and a look into their companies.

For now it doesn’t have real future growth potential, because the spacious airplane apartment is temporary. But you never know what they might come up with.


Offline: Me and my family are loyal KLM travelers. Sometimes I page through the magazine, searching for interesting articles. This time my dad and my boyfriend informed me about this amazing coolhunt.

Online: I searched the Internet for some extra information and pictures about the promotion of Airbnb and KLM.



MCHL – A design store full with innovative and experimental 3d-printed products


First 3d-printing products were expensive and maybe a little bit uncommon. But now 3d-printing becomes part of our daily life and you see it more often. Stores that have this kind of products are hot and we all know a little bit of this manufacturing process. In the experience economy we are living in, the story behind the product is becoming more important. Especially for the serendipity seekers, people that discover and explore for new experiences and make room for fortunate accidents. They also focus on process versus product. You can say, that there is an increasing demand and need for authenticity. Now there is a store where you can find experience in the products, it’s called MCHL.

What is it?

MCHL is a brick ‘n mortar shop located in Utrecht at Oudegracht 254. The shop has opened just a couple of months ago and might be one of the first shops in the Netherlands to sell only 3d-printed products.

IMG_6160 IMG_6174

You can find products that are one-of-a kind. All the products are made by a 3d-printer and Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen designs them. Cornelissen is engaged in digital manufacturing, technologies such as 3d-printing that can manufacture complex products without the need for large investments. This is also reflected in his designs in the shop, where he merges special user products with the technology of 3d-printing. In the shop you can find jewelry, interior products and electronic accessories for example. 

Michiel-Cornelissen IMG_6167

IMG_6162 IMG_6164

Some special products are One In A Million Bird, Happy Bird, 36 Pencil Bowl en E 5.55. They all have a special story. But the story behind the E 5.55 is charming.

shapeimage_3  shapeimage_1we

36 pencil bowl MichielCornelissen_E55_ketting_munt_80494_674_320_1

The E 5.55 is a necklace made of 3d-printing and 111 five-eurocent coins. This idea is designed by the fact that Cornelissen was intrigued by the beauty of some of the things we take for granted, In this example the five-eurocent coins, that are little industrial gems. It’s a project that wants to show us the intricate geometries and flexible behavior that is possible with 3d-printing by holding 111 five-eurocent coins firmly in place to create a gorgeous necklace. You can buy the E 5.55 as a complete necklace with coins, or make it fun by buying it as a DIY (do it yourself) project. This is an unique and special jewel with a beautiful story behind it.

shapeimage_1 shapeimage_2


If you want to know more stories behind the different kinds of products, take a look at http://www.michielcornelissen.com/home.html or visit the store in Utrecht.

Why is it cool?

It’s cool, because design, production and sales are closely linked now. It also seems like there’s something new to experience in MCHL every week. If you’re looking for a cool present or just something fancy for yourself, you will find some unique products here. Normally design isn’t affordable, but the products from MCHL are.

Besides the experience in the product, serendipity seekers and authenticity, wonderlust is also an important thing you can see in some of the products in the MCHL store. Wonderlust means, see the extraordinary in the ordinary. People that feel connected with wonderlust, want to amaze and wonder, reflect and appreciate, but also want to see the small things in life. The E 5.55 is a good example of appreciating the small things in life.

Behind every kind of product is a story and that’s what makes it so special and why people feel connected with the products. This might be a good reason that the products from Michiel Cornelissen has future growth potential.

In short, it’s not only affordable. It’s also unique, has a story and is innovative and durable.


Offline: I went to Utrecht to search for some coolhunts on 14-11-14. I found this shop walking down the Oudegracht in Utrecht.

Online: After visiting this brick ‘n mortar shop, I looked on the internet for some extra information about MCHL.




United Nude – A highlighted dark-shop concept


Brands can be experienced to the core. Flagship stores give us a good insight of the brand’s identity. It’s more than just selling products. If you’re in for a memorable experience make sure to visit the flagship store United Nude in Amsterdam.

What is it?

United Nude is a brand founded on conceptual design, clarity, elegance and innovation.It has a wide variety of shoes, from injection molded shoes to high-end carbon fiber heels.

IMG_5957 IMG_5959

It all started with the broken heart of Rem D. Koolhaas (Creative Director and Co-founder of United Nude). Rem’s effort to get back the girl was made by reducing architecture to its smallest and most tender scale, that of a woman’s foot. His romantic inspiration appeared to run out at a reality.


Galahad Clark (Founder and seventh generation shoemaker from Somerset, England) saw the ‘Möbius’ shoe model and he was convinced immediately. Rem and Galahad created United Nude, with their unique talents and shared vision. United Nude launched the Möbius shoe in 2003, which since then has been recognized as a design-classic. United Nude also became the leader in architectural footwear.

about-image 2003-01-concepts-mobius-03

Some of United Nude’s recent highlights are the nine successive Haute Couture shoes with Iris van Herpen, Lady Gaga’s Fame shoes and the Nova Shoe by Zaha Hadid.

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But besides Iris van Herpen and Zaha Hadid, UN has a lot of collaborations, for example: Mattijs, Antoine Peters, K-Swiss, 223, 5PRCITY, Dr. Sky, Calligraffiti and Mashama.

The brand has positioned itself at the intersection of design and fashion and gained international appreciation for the brand’s creative work. United Nude is with its over 10 years of experience in 3D printing, now a regular collaborator with 3D printing market leader 3D Systems. The shoes are sold in over 40 countries. Besides Amsterdam, there are also flagship stores in London and New York.

The DNA and characteristics of the brand’s products are distinct in the interior design of the flagship store in Amsterdam. The store has a dark-shop concept. It’s completely dark in all areas other than those where the products are showcased and literally highlighted.

IMG_5947 IMG_5965

The most important and markedly element of the store design is the Wall of Light. This is a computer-controlled LED wall, which displays the United Nude products as a work of art embedded in geometric frames.

The flagship store of Amsterdam is located in the prestigious city center address of Spuistraat 125A.

Why is it cool?


First of all, the story behind United Nude is what makes the concept so strong. Secondly, United Nude works with a lot of great designers, architects and other people, like Iris van Herpen and Zaha Hadid.

But also, United Nude has a perfect balance between concept, style and comfort.The shoes are innovative and rare. You see the newest shapes and materials combined with different techniques in the products. Unique, is that United Nude has designed and developed its own materials. You can think about printed fabrics with geometric designs, but also woven fabrics, quilted fabrics and rivet concepts on top of luxurious leathers. Normally, the shoes are more casual, but always with an architectural twist. That’s what makes it so special.

United Nude for sure has future growth potential, because with every passing season it successfully found its way to become a part of daily life. From catwalk to your feet, the shoes of United Nude have style and comfort. Strangers on the street will comment on the innovative and geometrically strong designs.

If we take a look at how United Nude can improve the quality of life, we see some important elements. The comfort part will help increase the physical wellbeing. Your emotional wellbeing will increase by respectability, confidence, satisfaction and the mental state that the shoes of United Nude give to you. Also social wellbeing is important, because you spread the word to others how amazing these shoes are and from the other side people can give positive feedback. Last but not least, it will increase your material wellbeing if you buy a pair of shoes. 

Besides the product itself, the experience in the flagship store increases your experience of the brand. The Wall of Light is really spectacular, while standing in a dark shop.

In short, this memorable experience is something you really have to see in your leisure time.


Offline: On 11-11-14, I went to Amsterdam for this coolhunt and visited the Spuistraat 125A.

Online: After visiting the flagship store in Amsterdam. I looked on the internet for some extra information about United Nude.




Mijn moeder als souvenir

De beleving die ik heb beleefd, was erg bijzonder. Het leek mijn vader leuk, dat mijn moeder een mini-me van haarzelf liet maken in 3D.


Ik ben samen met mijn ouders naar een zaak gegaan waar ze zich specialiseren in 3D printen. Hier zijn foto’s van mijn moeder gemaakt en daar is een miniatuur van mijn moeder uiteindelijk uit gekomen dat bijna werkelijk lijkt. Toen ik afgelopen donderdag thuis kwam na school ben ik gezellig met mijn familie gaan eten en kletsen. Vanuit mijn ooghoek zag ik iets staan en ik schrok een beetje. Ik hardop ‘Wauuuuuuwww daar staat je poppetje mam! Creepy… Lijkt net echt’. Het poppetje leek levensecht en het is net of mijn moeder tussen allemaal grote objecten staat. Het leuke was, dat ik nog niet wist dat het poppetje opgestuurd was. Ik vind het echt ontzettend gaaf geworden en het klopt tot in detail.

10169242_841360119218403_4764798674188434208_n 541564_841360159218399_2273473686845330808_n

In het geval van het 3D-poppetje betaal je letterlijk voor de belevenis, dus voor de ervaring. Daarom is dit een goed voorbeeld van de experience economy. Het is best prijzig om zo’n poppetje te laten printen. Maar het poppetje zal een herinnering voor leven zijn en het is ook echt de moeite waard om hiervoor iets neer te leggen. Verder is dit een goed voorbeeld van de trend experience economy, omdat het zorgt voor betrokkenheid en een memorabele ervaring.

Hieronder wil ik nog even kort het proces uitleggen van belevenis naar beleving aan de hand van het belevenismodel van Gool en Wijngaarden.

We beginnen natuurlijk bij de belevenis, dus de producent heeft nagedacht over hoe de beleving zal zijn voor degene die in de 3D printing zaak binnenloopt. Qua inhoud is het concept 3D printen en een miniatuur van jezelf maken. Je maakt dus kennis met de wereld van 3D printing waar je zelf deel van uit maakt. Als we kijken naar de vorm in het belevenismodel dan zien we dat er een persoon is van de 3D printing zaak die gedetailleerd foto’s maakt van je met een vaste camera en lamp terwijl jij ronddraait op een plek. Uiteindelijk worden deze foto’s aan elkaar gezet in een bepaald programma en kan het 3D-printen beginnen. Laag voor laag wordt het poppetje in elkaar gezet en dit zie je ook echt als je goed naar het poppetje kijkt. Kijkend naar het psychosociale kader, wist ik al redelijk wat af van 3D printing, maar nu zie je ook echt het proces. Mijn verwachting was wel hoog, omdat de winkel beloofd had dat het er ook precies zo uit zou komen als hoe mijn moeder eruit zou zien. Zelf heb ik dit nog nooit meegemaakt, dus dit was een totaal nieuwe ervaring. Waarom we hier binnen zijn gestapt, is omdat we al veel hadden gehoord over 3D printen, maar je nu ook de kans kreeg om een miniatuur van jezelf te maken en onderdeel te zijn van het proces. Je bent er dus erg bij betrokken. Als we kijken naar de sociale omgeving, dus het samen met mijn ouders doen, maakte het extra bijzonder. Iets met je familie doen is voor mij belangrijk en voelt vertrouwt. Wat je in feite doet is een bijzondere beleving met elkaar delen en ook echt bij het proces betrokken zijn. Dat maakt het extra speciaal, dat je erbij was en later naar het poppetje kijkt. De beleving die ik heb meegemaakt is een memorabele beleving. Het is echt iets wat ik later kan terug halen en wat me zal bij blijven. Een reden hiervoor is, is omdat het gemaakte poppetje ook tastbaar is.