The End of Sitting: A future workspace?


Science says sitting is terrible for your health and you can early die if you sit too long (nrcQ, 2015). But most of the surroundings we use are designed for sitting down. ‘The End of Sitting’ is a perfect solution to perhaps solve this. Besides this, it suits well with the comfortable and flexible architecture for modern urban nomads, which embraces a 24/7/365 lifestyle, creating their own opportunities and places to work, live and play (Science of the Time).

What is it?

The End of Sitting is an experimental work landscape, which explores to work standing up and switch from different postures during the day. It’s a project of studio RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture- Art- Affordances) and visual artist Barbara Visser. Further more it’s developed in collaboration with Looiergracht 60 (Soraya Notoadikusumo and Nadine Mills), a new space for art and science in Amsterdam.

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They wanted to create a physical notion for the future workspace, where the chair and desk are no longer unquestionable starting points. Here you can find an intersection between art, architecture, science and office design.

It’s called the End of Sitting, because in this surrounding you work leaning, standing, hanging or lying. It just depends of what you feel comfortable with.


RAAAF-Rietveld-Architecture-Art-Affordances-The-End-of-Sitting-000972imageThe End of Sitting can’t be seen or tried anymore. Perhaps you can look if the movie ‘The End of Sitting 1:1 – Een projectie’ is still available, which the Akademie van Kunsten (KNAW), Looiersgracht 60, RAAAF en Barbara Visser have presented on the 23th of March 2015.

Below you can see two videos. The first one is an animation that shows the outstanding landscape of affordances. The second one is about the research for the project, which shows the evolution of the modern office.

Why is it cool?

The End of Sitting is an example of a cool signal, because it creates a first step towards a future where standing work is the new norm and the chance of a longer living. With this concept you can create an ideal design and flexible workspace scenarios for the non-sitter, where different natural human body postures and movements can be adopted. The End of Sitting is handled with a clever use of space. Besides it can be cozy, provide more contact and cooperation between people (of course this depends if you want to talk with other people or not). Finally, the innovative forms of mobility from the concept fits well with the urban nomad lifestyle.

So firstly, it will inspire the modern urban nomads. Secondly, it will also inspire normal people, who at the the first thought think the concept seems a little bit strange. Later on they’ll find out that it’s more fun and healthy to work like this than in a normal workspace with a table and chair.

What if standing while working becomes the new norm?

If concepts/initiatives like this can be created by organizations/companies in the future, people would not only be healthier but also happier. Absence by illness will reduce and employees’ productivity will increase.

Work will not be the same and less boring in the future. Experimental living and working will be interwoven with our lifestyles. We will all be growing more to the trend urban nomads. Individualization has and will have a major impact on this.