Become a seed saver


Human health, environmental protection and food security are important issues for us. Whether it’s on television, Internet or in magazines, everywhere we see promotion of a healthy food system. Not only the government and other agencies are involved, also businesses and individuals are. As a consumer you have the power to make informed choices. It all starts with the seed, the foundation of the food system. We see things are going more local and the agriculture with its Do-It-Yourself urban farming is getting more important. Different signals want to show us in all openness, how important and admirable this forgotten source of food (seeds) is. They want to create particular awareness. There are a lot of signals that address to the DIY urban farming. For example the shroombox of Fungaea, that responds to the need to do things yourself. But today I would like to describe the great ‘AH Moestuintjes’ (Kitchen Garden) from one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands, the Albert Heijn. And I would also love to tell you about USC Canada that has teamed up with eight Canadian musicians to promote seeds as the foundation of food systems.

What is it?


The AH Moestuintjes is a good example of DIY urban farming and creating a particular awareness. With these pots with seeds you grow your own kitchen garden. See how nice it is to grow a seed, for example a lettuce, in only eight weeks. Discover how green your fingers are and learn all about sowing, taking care of and cultivating vegetables, fruit and herbs. The AH is responding well to the agricultural sector with local products.

From the 16th of February till the 15th of march 2015, each week you will receive by a number of promotional products a free kitchen garden jar, kitchen garden or Growth & Do booklet. You will receive free items like a kitchen garden with seeds at 15 euros of shopping. You can save for up to 20 types of plants, like basil or eggplant. Of course you can also buy these items if you want. In addition to these items, you can buy other products for example like a gardener bag or gloves.

All schools that have registered for the curriculum ‘I eat better’ of Albert Heijn receive the opportunity to pick up free at AH a kitchen garden starters kit.

The idea of AH moestuintjes shows its sustainable side, because its 100 percent naturally degradable.

Now let’s talk about USC Canada that teamed up with eight Musicians to promote a healthy food system.

USC Canada is a non-profit organization focused on establishing programs in food security, climate change and more. The most important thing they want to show us with the help of eight Musicians (Amy Millan, Tim Baker, Leslie Feist, Jim Cuddy, Tim Kingsbury, Bruce Cockburn, Ian Thornley and Sam Roberts) is that seeds are the foundation of food systems. After all, this is where it begins. All the world’s food begins with a seed.

They are successful in creating awareness of this often overlooked source and showing how important and admirable seeds are. How do they do this? They encourage people to become a seed saver through a few easy steps. This includes for example supporting seed diversity through the food eaten, planting a variety of interesting seeds from local seed producers and simply learning more about the world of seed.

They actually do the same as the kitchen gardens from the Albert Heijn, do more local and create more awareness. Not only for ourselves, but also for the future. For our children and more…

See the following and inspiring video.

Why is it cool?

As already said this signals are about human health, environmental protection and food security. We want more local products and the agriculture with its DIY urban farming is getting more important. Important in both signals is to create more particular awareness.

There is a growth about the safety of the products. Now you can grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs in front of you. This without being sprayed with chemicals, or whatever. You don’t have to worry anymore. This is what makes it attractive and inspiring for a lot of people, at least for me. And also because it’s an instructive production process.

We surely can talk about the influence of the open world in both signals. Transparency by the need for more openness. This to knowledge, wanting to know as a basic need. This is because of the curious nature of human beings. We can also call this sharing. The sharing from AH moestuintjes and USC with the eight musicians to create more particular awareness. This particular awareness can be seen as a sort of empowerment. Businesses and agencies have the power to create this. But another reason why it’s transparent, is because you know where your food comes from. From day one you will be involved.

In certain sense, you see a kind of collaboration. Working together with nature or with others for a better environment. Sowing, taking care, cultivating, harvesting, cooking and eating.

These signals have potential in the future, because concerns like human health, environmental protection and food security will increase.

If we can work together, share our knowledge and particular awareness, be transparent and open, be strong and have empowerment about our own decisions of health, food and nature, we can take on the world. We can create a better quality of life for others and ourselves. Wouldn’t that be great?

The only thing you have to do is to celebrate seeds!