StoryDress – A dress that takes you anywhere


Wearable memories are often around us and are getting more important to us. We want to save our special memories and create something tangible around it. At ‘StoryDress’ you can create your own custom made silk dress from a picture of your choice and make your story come to life.

What is it?

Every dress tells a story. What’s yours? The collection of StoryDress takes you on a journey through the rich history of Italian sericulture. At StoryDress, digital printing methods and the finest silks are merged in handmade dresses. Each design tells its own story and makes you dream of ‘La Dolce Vita’.

Every season StoryDress designer Suzanne Meijer travels to capture its story, its charming authenticity and its forgotten craftsmanship. She takes photographs of iconic places, but she also finds herself in the hidden and forgotten treasures.

250336_ae0e95322066425f8c2d7b63f15c969b.jpg_srz_323_894_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzPrefer to experience your own story? That’s possible. Suzanne Meijer designs a custom-made dress as required, to create your own personal dress. This way you can make your story come to life into a tailor made silk dress: a wearable memory.

Why is it cool?

It’s cool, because Suzan Meijer has interwoven authenticity and new technologies into cloths. As a result, a new world of possibilities will be created. You can give it your own dimension, its own identity.

We can all see that virtualization is becoming more essential in our society. People bring more things into the picture. In the future this will increase.

Besides, cultural diversity where looking for your roots and wings, is a trend that makes this signal attractive and inspiring. You can bring certain elements of a culture into cloths. Who knows where this could be more integrated in the future…

In short, things are more possible in our society and the urge to create something will rise. Like StoryDress would say: “…don’t just follow the Stories, Create your own.’’


I went to the Masters of LXRY fair, where I received information about this dress. Besides I found an article in the ‘Beurscatalogus Masters of LXRY 2014’. 

I’ve also taken a look at: