Women in all its uniqueness


To determine what is masculine and feminine is part of our culture, but this will change over time. How do you behave as a man/woman? What you’re supposed to do? What role patterns? What we hang on whom we are to show that we are male or female? The Dutch Photographer Gaby Fling shows this well with her sensual images, in which the woman plays a major role.

What is it?

Gaby Fling is known for her national and international reputation. In her recent work, Fling shows us how beautiful, young, pretty, luxury and exclusive a woman can and should feel in the year 2015. For this series Fling headed off to cultural cities such as New York, London, Paris, Saint-Tropez and Ibiza. Her work is a sensational celebration of women in all its uniqueness. 

MISTRESS Amsterdam 1

Why is it cool?

In this signal we can see that Femininity is an important subject, but individualism and status are as well. At all times the woman had a certain role and this will develop further in the future. You always have to look to what time we live in, but for now we can say that women are becoming more powerful and stronger. They go along with the individualism and build a certain status. In this way they distinguish themselves. You are what you do.

Around us, we see a lot of examples of Femininity, with a touch of individualism and status. Viktoria Modesta, singer and model, shows us what imperfect means. When her leg had to be amputated it didn’t mean that she stopped following her dreams. She is the first leg amputee pop star and is encouraging everyone to always follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles. She makes her ‘imperfect leg’ a perfect accessory. Both the photography from Gaby Fling as well as the story from Viktoria Modesta inspire me. I think this will inspire other women and perhaps men to do what you love and do what you feel comfortable with.


Below you can see a video of Viktoria Modesta.

As said, the role of the woman will develop. We already have great examples and role models, but I think there will come many more, if we look at how everyone is getting more individualistic. Women can and may do more. This results in an even stronger woman in the future, where levels as economy also become stronger.


I went to The Masters of LXRY and I saw the pictures of Gaby Fling. After that I read an article about her in the ‘Beurscatalogus Masters of LXRY 2014’. I also visited her webpage: http://gabysfling.com

I found an article from Trendpit about Viktoria Modesta on my timeline on Facebook: http://www.boredpanda.com/prototype-leg-prosthetics-viktoria-modesta/ 

Besides I visited her own page: http://www.viktoriamodesta.com